Hardbite handcrafted potato chips

Okanagan popcorn

Que Pasa jalapeno tortilla chips

Canadian Select smoked salmon

Asti chocolate covered nougat

Tuscan crisps

Checkers chocolate covered pretzels

Rogers gold collection chocolates

Pleasantside fig salami jerky

Gone Crackers

 Brockmans salted caramel truffles

Chez Christophe parmesan flutes

Peppermint Roca

Sweetsmith peanut brittle

Sweet Art jam filled cookies

French country olives

Sonoma Jack cheese

Que Pasa salsa

Artisan crackers

Rock Coast toffee bark

Brie cheese

Wild Coast fruit Co cranberries

Smoked almonds

Wine – 2 bottles


The Deck the Halls basket features two bottles of premium wine along with a large assortment of local and international products. Choose from sweet and savoury to please every palate, this is an excellent choice for offices to share.